A Little Bit About Joya…

(Reminder to self: write a real bio…)

Versatile marketer with a head for analysis, a love of technology, and an eye for customer experiences that drive revenue and results. Inquisitive, motivated, and tirelessly driven, bringing over a decade of online and email marketing experience to the table, working with slew of well-known, Fortune-500-y type companies as a freelance consultant.

When not knee-deep in data, Joya can be found with her trusty backpack and laptop, pushing the boundaries of the “work-from-anywhere” theory (that makes the interwebs so awesome) working remotely, from some fun corner of the world or just the ski lodge of Washington state’s Mt Baker, after a glorious powder morning.

Joya loves, more than anything, to get beyond the typical tourist-circuit and take part in the simple beauty of day-to-day life elsewhere, as she works towards her mastery of Spanish, Indonesian, Amharic, Turkish, Norwegian, Swedish, Somali (or whatever language is used around her at the time) when not lending her camera and boundless curiosity to a variety of charitable photography projects and adventures, and sharing the stories (for better or for worst–but definitely un-edited…as you’ll discover…) on this blog right here!

Other specialties: wearing bright yellow sweaters, a super-powered smile (not pictured here), day-dreaming while riding WA state ferries (pictured here), surviving one incredible year “resting” on her couch at home (in Seattle) after getting hit by not one but three cars within 5 months (none her fault), while retaining a great appreciation for comedy and the amazing abundance of beauty in every-day life, the sound of the word “concussed”, and covering songs (that you probably didn’t think could be covered) on her ukulele at every opportunity in between.

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  1. So I heard, but have no working knowledge, that aloe Vera works well on sunburns. Especially when said sunburns were obtained while lounging on rocks in a sunny California beach talking to a strange half dressed man!
    It was my pleasure, Joya. Thanks for spending the time to chat. I’ll pass your info on to my son. Hopefully he’ll make his way into your shop. And if he does, please hug him for me. I miss him dearly.

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